Is it even legal?

Yes, Theb2blotto is totally legal. Theb2blotto is an intermediary Lottery Service, which buys lottery tickets on behalf of its users. When you play on our site, we will buy lottery tickets as instructed by you for the games you specify.. However, all terms and conditions from the National Lottery Authority to a player apply.

Is this safe?

Yes, it is totally safe. All players are required to provide their login credentials before they can access their account. This makes secure, such that a different person cannot play nor cash out any money on your behalf or without your knowledge.

What happens with my tickets?

Your physical ticket is stored in a secured vault which only a few core admin members of Theb2blotto have access to.

Do you have to be of a certain age to use Theb2blotto?

Yes, you have to be at least 18 years old and above as per National Lottery Authority Terms and Conditions.

What time does game stake ends?

Stakes officially ends at 6:00pm on Theb2blotto platform to allow for the processing of the stakes to determine the winners before the NLA runs it draw

How are the prizes determined?

Prizes are determined by the National Lottery Authority. Players are privileged to their expected rewards as they input their amount per stake to enable them make informed decision.

My ticket won, but I haven’t been credited yet. How come?

Complete results are not published immediately by the National Lottery Authority. We may not allow cash out until that is done. You can also contact support for assistance.

How are random numbers selected?

You are presented with numbers from 1 - 90. You select by tapping on them, after which you confirm your selection and submit.

Winnings and Payouts.laugh
What happens if I win?

Depending on your winning amount, you can proceed to cash out from your Theb2blotto wallet. Whenever you want to withdraw your winnings you just need to initiate a withdrawal request and your money will be transferred to your requested mobile money account. Winnings can be used to play more games.

Will Theb2blotto tell me if I win?

When you win, an email and push notification is sent to you. You can also opt to check yourself by going to your Account and "My tickets" tab to view your winning games

How do I know Theb2blotto won’t just steal my ticket if I win?

Theb2blotto acts as a payment agent while ensuring the security of your ticket after it has been purchased on your behalf from an officially registered and licensed lottery retailer. When an order is placed it is sent to an NLA retailer who stakes on your behalf. Confirmation of your staked is displayed.

How will I know if I won?

When you happen to win, an email and push notification is sent to alert you on your win and you can check yourself by going to your Account and "My tickets" tab to view your winning games.

It says “Insufficient balance remaining” when I try to stake

This means you do not have the minimum amount in your Theb2blotto wallet required to make a stake. You can top up your wallet by following the “Deposit” instruction on the app.

Who am I purchasing my ticket from?

Theb2blotto acts as an intermediary between you and the registered LMC to buy tickets on your behalf.  

 What can I do with Theb2blotto?

With Theb2blotto you can order lottery tickets, view lottery results, view results of ordered tickets and more.

How do I order a ticket from the app?

1. Download the app from Google Play store and signup

2. Top up your wallet.

3. Stake your lotto as always following the simple guided steps.

4. Theb2blotto takes it up from there and aligns your stake with an available LMC who in turn completes your stake and you receive confirmation on the “My Stakes” page of the app.

How do I view my history tickets?

To view tickets, you have staked, select the “My Account” tab from the right menu to access the tickets you have previously staked. How do I view the general lottery results? You can check the general lottery results by going to the “Draw Results” page to view the last 5 winning games.

Do the B2B take commissions from my win?

No the b2b lotto does not take any commission from your wins. All wins are sent to you directlly.