Where to Play Ghana Lottery NLA 590 Online - The B2B Lotto

Where to Play Ghana Lottery NLA 590 Online - The B2B Lotto

Digitization hits the lottery industry. 

More than 50 years now, the NLA still operates the 5/90 Fixed Odds which currently have six branded products namely, Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Midweek, Fortune Thursday, Friday Bonanza and National Weekly Lotto, which is the primary product and flagship brand played on Saturdays.

The NLA since its inception was operating a fully manual system, until 2006, when it started the automation of its operations with the introduction of the Point of Sale Terminals (POSTs) or Automated Machines, which generate real time lottery tickets upon purchase.

In 2011, the NLA fully automated its entire operations and, in the process, distributed 10,000 POSTs to its Lotto Marketing Companies (LMCs) and Retailers to dispense lotto tickets.

In August 2015, the Authority procured 7,400 additional POSTs in a bid to revitalize its operations, drive efficiencies and to increase market coverage.

As part of efforts aimed at boosting efficiency and to also expand NLA’s scope of coverage, the Authority contracted two Technical Service Providers, SIMNET Ghana Limited and Lots Services Ghana Limited to provide backend systems support.

The current wave of digitization in Ghana has brought another revolution in the lottery industry. This positive revolution has brought about the creation of a new lottery website called theb2blotto by an L.M.C

Theb2blotto is the largest online lottery platform in Ghana which seek to provide convenience to customers who purchase the lottery products. Theb2blotto is an intermediary that render all lottery services on the behalf of customers therefore providing total convenience to the player.

Theb2blotto render services like staking on the behalves of its customers, displaying results after wins, crediting winner’s account which can be withdrawn through mobile money account.

Theb2blotto also offer additional services by providing each lotto graphic banker for the day to its customers therefore giving the customer a clear chance of winning.

Additionally, theb2blotto is the only lottery platform that gives commission to its customers from 3% to 5% on every stake on the platform. With those who refer others to the platform, they are entitled to 3% to 5% on the referred person stake each time they stake with our platform.

Play Ghana Lottery Online - The B2B Lotto

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Play Ghana Lottery Online - The B2B Lotto